The original Top Gun Quarterback / Receiver Academy started 1 on 1 training in 1994 at El Camino College.  Since that time we’ve worked with NFL, CFL, College and High School players.  Additionally we’ve also had the privilege of working with the Olympian Josh Ross who wanted to see if he could take his sprinting skills (Josh Ross was Australia’s fastest man at the time) and redirect them to an NFL career – he was a pleasure to work with when he came to America for his six weeks of training, but playing in the NFL is a lifestyle even though athletically he could do it, it didn’t become his lifestyle.


In that short period of time, he was running routes against two of the best college defensive backs in college football that played for a top five College Football Program and was able to spin those athletes versus off – coverage and get clean releases off of press coverage which is the key if anyone wants to make an NFL roster.  You can’t get touched versus bump and run and Josh was as natural as they come.


We’ve also worked with the film industry and done football choreography for one pilot and one B movie on location here in the Los Angeles Area where our stand-ins ran and caught 12 – diving game-winning catches in a period of two hours.


When we work with quarterbacks and they are welcome to bring their receivers and when we work with receivers they are welcome to bring in their quarterbacks and / or defensive backs so they can get the best possible training and preparation. 


There are no contracts when we work with non-professional athletes so the work is day to day or week to week; whatever the client feels comfortable with and as long as the athlete keeps his slot time each week, he can come each week but he will be charged for work without a 72 – hour advanced notice.


We will help with arranging lodging for players coming in from out of state or out of the country.  We will only work with clients that we can help; if a player comes in because he has never played football before but he has a tryout at his local high school, we will not waste his time and take his money.  We make more income from our videos and books along with our professional clients than we do working 1 on 1 with college or high school players so we will NOT promise we can help when we know we can’t.  E-mail us at TopGunQBCoach@gmail.com to schedule a 1 on 1 session that can last from one to four hours; the work is more mental than physical because we need to retrain muscle-memory and the only way to do that is to slow down the athlete’s motor movements and give him the skills to attain success beyond his expectations


Obviously time slots are limited but we’ve be bombarded with questions about our camps.  Unfortunately, we’ve paid to have studies done on group work versus 1 on 1 work and the consensus is that group work promotes competition and there is an exponential growth in ability playing in games one through four and then levels off after that, while consistent 1 on 1 work with the players gives them constant exponential growth to the point where they cannot believe the change in their abilities


Each athlete has his own issues that need to be addressed individually.  Our quarterbacks usually increase their throwing velocity by 10% within the first twenty-minutes of training (yes, we use a speed gun).  It’s amazing what teaching correct mechanics can do for an athlete.  The late great Bill Walsh stated in his book “The Genius” that he “emphasized practicing techniques with precision and attention to detail, over and over.”  “He felt that skills often broke down late in games and the only insurance against this was endless repetition, creating a muscle memory that freed players from thinking about what they were supposed to do and let them react without conscious thought.”


It’s interesting that the Navy SEALS as well as Special Forces Teams around the world stress this same attention to detail so regardless of the situation, the athlete is doing things automatically without conscious thought which will slow down reaction time by a factor of ten. 


We also teach the QB how to go through an NFL progression:  The NFL QB drops back intending to throw to the #1 receiver in the progression as he looks off the defense.  He will even begin his throw-motion as he gets his eyes on the #1 receiver.  If that receiver isn’t going to be open up, the QB “reacts without conscious thought” by “pulling down the throw” then resets his back foot perpendicular to the #2 receiver while he finds the throwing lane between linemen so he doesn’t ever throw over a lineman.  Younger QB’s have never been taught to throw between linemen rather than trying to throw over them; a six-inch movement can open a throwing lane and allow the QB to see his target area cleanly.

If you want to play with the fundamental mechanics and advanced techniques, give us a call and set up a time slot.  (310) 489-8700 or email us at TopGunQBCoach@Gmail.com