The original Top Gun QB / Rec. Academy are now offering ONE ON ONE TRAINING starting on Sunday, June 15th, 2014 in Torrance California and will continue until college training camps begin.  E-mail us at TopGunQBCoach@gmail.com to schedule a one or two-hour time slot.  Obviously time slots are limited but we’ve be bombarded with questions about our camps; unfortunately, we don’t believe in training several quarterbacks or receivers at one time.  Each athlete has his own issues that need to be addressed individually.  Our quarterbacks usually increase their velocity by 10% within the 1st twenty-minutes of training (yes, we use a speed gun).  We also teach the QB how to go through a progression:  The NFL QB drops back intending to throw to the #1 receiver in the progression as he looks off the defense; he will even start his throw-motion as he gets his eyes on the #1 receiver.  If that receiver isn’t going to be open, the QB reacts by “pulling down the throw” then resets his back foot perpendicular to the #2 receiver while he finds the throwing land between linemen so he doesn’t ever throw over a lineman.  Younger QB’s have never been taught to throw between linemen rather than trying to throw over them; a six-inch movement can open a throwing lane and allow the QB to see his target area cleanly.

Receivers are probably the easiest position in football to train and see dramatic differences in a very short period of time.  Why is it that most of the Hall of Fame Receivers ran about 4.6 forty times?  It’s not how fast a receiver can run that makes a great receiver; if that was true NFL scouts would be at track meets around the world.  The reality is its how fast a receiver can stop and / or get out of his breaks to create separation from the defender that makes a receiver stand out so he looks like the best player on the field.

Saturdays will open up after our NFL players move on to OTA’s but this is the time of year when a QB or receiver beats his competition out because when training camp starts, there are only so many reps per player and the current starters get those reps.  At Top Gun Academy, each and every rep will be used to perfect a specific muscle movement and encode it into muscle-memory so the player doesn’t have to think about it during games; he just trusts his training and plays above what he thought was his ability.