“I met Ron Jenkins last February and was immediately impressed with his knowledge of Quarterback play and Wide Receiver fundamentals. After we had our first conversation, I realized I was talking to somebody who does this for a living. His expertise on Quarterback play is not just all about footwork––he’s also going to help Quarterbacks learn to throw harder and farther and put more rotation on the football. What separates him from other ‘so-called’ Quarterback gurus is that he focuses on drop back passing and roll out passing, throwing on the run and throwing off balance—all the skills that are needed to be a successful Quarterback at any level. I found his teaching of Wide Receiver drills and route running to be equally excellent. He understands how to teach a Receiver to really plant and get out of cuts and how to be physical, which often gets lost on a lot of Wide Receiver coaches. It is unique for someone like him to be able to coach two positions so well.”
Phil Simms,
NFL Analyst

“Thanks to Ron I have much more knowledge and a better understanding of how to run routes the most efficient and correct way. Ron is a technical perfectionist and teaches in a way that is very simple to learn. He spent numerous hours teaching me about the intricacies of the position and the game. Ron has a motivating and inspiring attitude which is infectious, I am now confident I can run routes with the best of them. I am definitely coming back to work with Ron in the future.”
Josh Ross
“Australia’s Fastest Man”
Melbourne, Australia

“First of all I would like to say that Ron Jenkins and his staff are a class act. They are the reason our son is a full scholarship D1 QB.  Flying from Utah to California, was worth every penny we spent with Ron Jenkins. QB’s are developed over time, and Ron did a fantastic job with our son Ryan.  I would highly recommend, Ron Jenkins QB academy to anyone serious about being a standout QB.”
Craig Rosenvall
Salt Lake City, Utah

“Thank you so much the working with Patrick this past summer. He has become a better quarterback who is more accurate, reads defensive better and has more confidence. During his football season when he was have a difficult time he referred back to the information you supplied him and it helped him get through the rough times which every player has. Through his increase confidence in his technique he has developed into leader on his team. His coaches consistently praise him for his ongoing development as a quarterback as well as a leader. This is all because of the expert coaching he received from you and the Top Quarterback Academy. We are planning a trip to Southern California again this summer to have you work with Patrick. I recommend the Top Gun Quarterback Receiving Academy to everyone who has the desire to have their players become the very best the can. Thank you again Ron for everything.”
Tim Stanley
Kuna, Idaho

“I have been a football coach on both the high school and youth level, as well as a teacher and psychologist for the last 30 years. I also hired Ron to personally instruct my son on the fundamentals of quarterbacking.  Waiting for my son’s turn, I was able to watch Ron work with other kids as well.  Ron is at the top as far as I am concerned. He is extremely bright and a perfectionist when it comes to teaching fundamentals. Yet he teaches in such a way that it does not bring any fear or shame to the kids, just an increased sense of confidence. I have also seen him accidently run into old high school and college players that he coached. They all seem to love him and show an instant affection for him. He is first class all the way.”
Ty Colbert, Ph.D.

“I’ve been sending my son Kenny to workout with Ron for over 2 years now and during this time he’s received invaluable instructions towards his progression as a quarterback. One thing that separates Ron fron other trainers in his field is the “one on one” treatment he gives his students and his attention to detail when it comes to the mechanics of a QB. My son’s gone to instructional camps in the past and there’s rarely ever any individual time spent between instructor and student. The improvements my son has made as a QB are due in large part to his weekly workouts with Ron and his commitment to making Kenny a better player. I have no doubt that this investment is helping my son maximize his potential in football.”
Ken Potter
San Pedro, CA

“If you are serious about becoming a better quarterback, I would highly recommend Coach Ron Jenkins.  I am very impressed with his experience and knowledge of every aspect of what it takes to be a successful quarterback at any level.  He is very detail oriented, and stresses not only the physical mechanics of the position, but perhaps more importantly, the mental aspects as well.  My son, Sean Schroeder, now at Duke University on a full football scholarship, always finds his sessions with Coach Jenkins as beneficial and worthwhile.  Coach Jenkins is a perfectionist, and challenges you to be the best quarterback you can be.”
Scott Schroeder
Dana Point, CA

“Our Son, Mike Oliver had only 1 year as a starting Quarterback at North Torrance High School, so with little game experience, his success was largely based on his work with Ron Jenkins, who not only developed Mike’s fundamentals and mechanics but also read coverages and game preparation.  The work paid off with Mike leading his league in TD passes, having a better than 3 to 1 ratio in TD’s to Ints. with a more than 55% completion rate.  He also tied the school record for TD’s in a season and had one of the highest single season yardage in the school’s history.  None of this would have been possible without Coach Jenkins’ personal attention and commitment to detail.”
Jim and Kathy Oliver
Torrance, CA

“A true “Professional” is how I would describe Ron.  He takes great pride in what he teaches and instructs these young men and he is very meticulous in teaching technique and mechanics.  Attention to detail is a huge requirement in his workouts.  Watching him out there on the field working with Justin I just knew that in time my son’s mental and physical approach of his game would improve so much more.  Justin’s entering his Senior season at Carson and has caught the attention of a few Div I colleges as well as a few of the local JC’s in the area.  We definitely thank Ron for being a vital part of Justin’s progression these past few years.  Thanks for everything Ron.”
Rick Alo
Carson, CA

“Coach Jenkins has a remarkable understanding of playing football. He understands and can teach both the technical aspects of the QB and wide receiver position and he understands the psychology of playing the game and guides players to overcome mental barriers that hinder game day performance.  After the first sessions with Coach Jenkins my son became a better wide receiver.  Overtime every aspect of playing the position improved.  As a result of my son’s experience at TopGun he now has the opportunity to play football at some level in college.”
Stuart Farber
Los Angeles, CA

“What you are able to teach these kids in a short time is amazing.  Justin and his buddies had a great time and learned a ton.  Justin keeps saying that he was learning so much he can’t keep track of it all, but he is anxious to pile more into his brain.  He was excited last night, when he was throwing to his brother, at how effortless it is to throw a 15 yard pass now and how much tighter his spiral is.
Thanks for your genuine interest in these boys and all you have to offer them.”

Seth A. Hansen
Draper, Utah

“I have known Ron Jenkins for many years, we played football together in College. I have always found Ron to be very knowledgeable, articulate and conscientious and helpful. I turned to Ron for assistance for my son a High School  Sr.QB, in need of a few technique tweaks, as well as film marketing ideas. Ron delivered on every count! I would not hesitate to endorse his services, and in fact have already recommended him to several potential top recruits.”
Reid Sholl
San Diego, Ca.

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