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Darren Andrews – Wide Receiver – Bishop Amat/UCLA

Congratulations to La Puente Bishop Amat’s Darren Andrews who just signed with UCLA.  We were lucky enough to have a chance to work with Darren early in his high school career.  As you can see from this video, he showed a ton of potential.

Going the Extra Mile: Top Gun QB/WR Academy

Going the Extra Mile: Top Gun QB/WR Academy Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor), on 10-13-2010 18:44 A Top Gun QB/WR Academy athlete digs down deep to snag a ball in the back of the endzone. Photo by Jason Lewis By Jason Lewis Sentinel Sports Editor Going the extra mile means putting in the [...]

Matt Simms – Quarterback – University of Tennessee/New York Jets

Four games worth of cut-ups from the 2009 football season at El Camino College. Simms has an NFL-caliber arm and is a very natural thrower. Dropback-style quarterback with the ability to avoid the rush and find an open receiver down-field. Extremely calm and focused with the game on the line and has been well-coached; played [...]

Wide Receiver – Route Running

Sean Schroeder – Dana Hills HS – University of Hawaii

Sean’s Top Gun College workout video and 2008 highlights

Matt Simms Game Cut-ups – ECC versus Bakersfield College 2009

Just over two-dozen throws from that one game. ECC won that game but Bakersfield went on and won the rest of their games until the playoffs. [youtube qcZbd3OtCrY]