Highlight Videos

At the Top Gun QB Academy we have been producing top level highlight videos for our athletes for several years now. 

Many of our athletes ask us how to “get on the map” with college recruiters and the answer is always the same: you need to have a great highlight film. A highlight film will be your resume for college recruiters.

A great highlight film = great plays + great footage + great production.

What is great footage?  Clear video that is shot with a tripod from a high angle and a high quality video camera is a good start.  What you provide us will determine the quality of the highlight video.  The best quality videos are when our athletes provide us with the original DV tapes, if the footage is shot with a hard drive camcorder – then the original footage in the unaltered form (not converted to DVD) would work as well.  We understand those items often aren’t easy to get from coaches, so DVD’s work fine as well.

What makes great production?  It is not a myth that college coaches will typically only watch the first 1-2 minutes of your highlight tape.  That means you have a very limited amount time to put your best foot forward.  The tape needs to show your strengths immediately.  As quarterback and receiver specialists and college coaches ourselves, we know what college coaches are looking for.  Sometimes a coach can pick something up in an incompleted pass that you never were able to show in a completed passes – we see those things.  It takes a lot of skill and a trained eye to produce these videos. Your video will be produced by our staff which is comprised 100% of football coaches that coach at the college level.

1. Send us copies of your game films & and a list of time stamps of the plays that you made. We recommend that you give us the time stamps of just about every play that you were involved in.
2. We will extract all of the clips and review them as college coaches would.
3. We will produce a rough draft of a highlight film that we feel represents you in your best light to college coaches. This may include all or some of the clips you time stamped. We will arrange the clips so the highlight tape is fast hitting and with an emphasis on your strengths.
4. Once you review the highlight, you can ask us to make any changes that you want. You will have the final say. We can make copies with music, without music, with arrows, without arrows. It is all up to you. We can provide multiple copies with different features as well.
5. We can menus for multiple years, or if you wanted to include a full game time or a bio as well.
6. Our current turn around time is around 1-2 weeks. We can rush if absolutely necessary.
7. Payment is due when the highlight films are sent in.

PACKAGE 1: 5 Games of highlights. 1 Master Copy. 10 Copies. $299
PACKAGE 2: 10 Games of highlights. 1 Master Copy. 10 Copies. $499
PACKAGE 3: 5 Games of highlights. 1 Master Copy. 10 Copies. Add a menu with bio and links to other films (junior year film or full games). $399
PACKAGE 4: 10 Games of highlights. 1 Master Copy. 10 Copies. Add a menu with bio and links to other films (junior year film or full games). $499

Please take a look at our sample videos below and contact us at contact@topgunqbacademy.com to get started today.

[youtube 6o5xhhJqfBg]