Pro Day Workout Video

The ProDay Video is an excellent tool used to quickly help a player earn an athletic scholarship. We train the athlete so his fundamentals and mechanics are near-perfect. We then put him through an extensive workout that is filmed and edited; the player will then be able to submit the video to any coaching staff in the country. A quarterback will take all the drops in given offense and throw every conceivable pass route which will highlight his footwork, timing and accuracy. A receiver or back will run every route on the passing tree so a coach can see the receiver’s abilities.

We edit the video so it is less than 10-minutes in length, put titles and chapters on the DVD and then create the ProDay Video. It’s actually better than having the college coach come to your practice because it provides them with more detail and allows them to view the workout many times if needed. They can have the entire coaching staff review the tape to make an evaluation. Compare our ProDay Video to any that you might find on “youtube” and you’ll quickly see that our quality is superior. In fact, the very first ProDay Video we put together helped one of our players get an immediate scholarship offer to an ACC school; he signed within a week of the coach viewing the video. The Head Coach told our player that the ProDay video he provided to them was “instrumental” in their decision to make the offer. The ProDay Video is not for everyone; the athlete should be polished and possess excellent fundamentals. We will only offer this service to an athlete who can demonstrate superior position-specific skills.

[youtube ipf5w_pXn74]

[youtube CG9BaShZ9O0]