Slot Receiver

The slot receiver is a shorter throw for the quarterback and as long as the receiver can get into and out of his routes quickly, he should be have the most receptions out of all five possible receivers. He has more “option routes” which means as long as he can react at full speed he would always be open. He needs to be quick, shorter is actually better but he needs to be able to create a window between the linemen so his quarterback can get him the football. If there was one position in football (other than special teams) more free agents make the team than at any other position in football. Anquan Boldin is a typical slot receiver even though he is also used on the outside. He run about a 4.7 forty which is more than enough “quicks” to get open and his feet are so fast and can use a “tip – tap” move that will literally make a nickle or dime backer fall down. He will need how to read option routes and the major difference to the pros is that a NFL slot receivers runs routes to force defenders to show their intentions while at the college and especially at the high school level, those young men need to learn how to attack defenses than read them.