Starting February 14: One On One Work with Professional QB / REC Coach Ron Jenkins, M.S., M.A.

Do you want to be an All-American in 2016? Do you want to break a few school / conference records in 2016? Do you want to beat out the guy who is starting in front of you right now?
Get a jump on the competition and start training ONE ON ONE for the 2016 football season starting right now on Saturdays and / or Sundays in Torrance California. In order to re-train muscle-memory to learn to do thing the NFL way, call us at (310) 489-8700 and get started before the slots are filled up.
Starting work now means that the muscle-memory will be ingrained when it’s time to start training camp. Each workout we pick something to improve on, and then we do multiple repetitions of that same motor movement while the athlete is receiving immediate feedback. The athlete then consciously corrects any errors / mistakes and soon this habit of replacing errors with correct muscle-movement becomes a lifestyle of constant improvement.
A Super Bowl MVP QB had his youngest son come to southern California to work with Coach Jenkins and not only did his son play in the NFL, his roommate plays for the New York Jets right now.
Australia sent Josh Ross (the fastest man in Australia at the time) to us so he could do commercials as a Wide Receiver and ended up being invited to try out with an NFL team but turned them down.
We’ve taken a quarterback who was told that he “couldn’t play junior college football” and was one of the most sought after JC quarterbacks in the nation who ended up in the NFL.
We took a QB who just wanted to start his senior year for his College Preparatory School and is now playing at a division one football program.
Why is the Top Gun Quarterback / Receiver Academy the best? First, we are the original Top Gun Academy founded in 1994 – – the first company always gets dot com… We’ve had three books published detailing what we teach and we’ve had more than one dozen instructional videos produced by Coaches Choice and Healthy Learning.