At the Top Gun Quarterback Receiver Academy, you will learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques that will enable you to compete using your full potential. In fact, if you watch an NFL game, you’ll be able to see the pros using the same mechanics you will be learning and implementing at the Top Gun Academy.

Here is a brief outline of just some of the things you can learn:

  • The proper stance, and how to prevent fumbled snaps.
  • How to develop better balance in your throws, which will give you more accuracy and range in your passing.
  • The specific drop for every individual running back and receiver pass route.
  • The most efficient way to carry the football when passing.
  • How the grip affects the rotation of the football.
  • How to increase the rotation on the football, which increases accuracy and makes the pass easier to catch.
  • How to throw the deep ball with more accuracy.
  • The five different types of passes thrown in an offense.
  • How to recognize and attack various defensive fronts and coverages.
  • The 10 basic QB reads that can be applied to any offense.
  • Passing from the shotgun formation, which includes the quick passing game.
  • Play action passing mechanics, and the reasons for the design of the play.
  • Roll-out passing mechanics.
  • How to dropback and throw a screen pass.
  • Contingency plans in the passing game.
  • How to create a better mesh in hand-offs.
  • The proper way to use Speed-option pitches.
  • Tosses and the proper mechanics on hand-offs in the stretch running game.
  • A thinking strategy to use during competition.

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