Playing the outside receiver is probably the easiest position in football to learn and play well almost immediately. In fact, if we can work with the WR for four hours over the course of three or four days he will be able to run routes on air with NFL players. There are some secrets of the trade that give the NFL defender the upper hand in coverage but, but The main reason for this is that there is usually NOT anyone helping the defender over the top or helping out if the WR gets by the defender. The other major asset that the outside receiver has is the hash marks which are rarely discussed in football. The high school has hashes that divide the field vertically meaning that if the ball-carrier gets tackled to the outside of either hash mark than the ball will be placed on the hash mark which is two – thirds of the time. So the distance from the hash make to the sideline is the same distance between the two hash marks themselves. The receiver to the far side of the field has so much room to work with that it should be almost impossible to stop him.